A Stranded Young Maple Tree

This is an anti-photo of a stranded maple tree: in full specimen development, alone among the houses and the macadam.

L1220028 (2)

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The Sycamore Bursts with Life

The sycamore burst with life. This engine of sunlight draws water, sleeping at bedrock, from the depths of the earth charging its trunk to manifest as the leaves.

L1210999 (1)

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Group Portrait of Small Houses on a Busy Street

Group portrait of small houses along Cedar Avenue in Cleveland Heights, taken from across Cedar Avenue. Note the red tulips.



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Graffiti Overwhelmed by the Freight Train

Graffiti, overwhelmed by the freight train, absorbed in this channel of commerce. Note the SP car number simply painted over the work. It has become a fact of life.

L1210885 (1)

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Warehouses, Facing West

Warehouses, facing West, on the bank of the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland, Ohio.L1210775

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A Late Snowstorm

L1210846 (2)

A cherry tree, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, after a late snowstorm. No other trees have shown leaves, but for the magnolias, which have already budded.

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Graffiti is Occult

L1210784 (2)

Graffiti is occult: at once intensely public, created to be seen by as many viewers as the location will allow, and hidden, carrying an undisclosed meaning that is presented day in and day out. That mystery, that occult energy, draws the viewer to its message, a message that remains hidden nonetheless.

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